The final day of Tory leadership voting begins as Boris Johnson seeks to build a legacy

The race to succeed Boris Johnson has entered its final hours as outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson seeks to build a long-term energy legacy.

Voting in the Conservative leadership contest closes at 5pm on Friday before either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak is announced as the new prime minister on Monday.

As Mr Johnson counts down his final days in office, he has pledged £700m in government investment for a new nuclear power station in Suffolk, Sizewell C.

The Prime Minister has criticized the “paralysis” and “short-termism” of successive governments on nuclear power as he stressed the importance of Sizewell C to Britain’s long-term energy supply as fuel bills continue to soar.

He added he was confident a deal to fund the power plant would come “over the line” in the coming weeks after he resigned.

The race to succeed Boris Johnson entered the final hours as the outgoing Prime Minister sought to create a long-term energy legacy (Liam McBurney/PA) (PA Wire)

The race to succeed Boris Johnson entered the final hours as the outgoing Prime Minister sought to create a long-term energy legacy (Liam McBurney/PA) (PA Wire)

Mr Johnson’s tenure was rocked by the Partygate scandal and eventually ended for dealing with allegations of improper conduct by former Conservative whip-player Chris Pincher.

New allegations of misconduct were brought to light on Thursday night, with Sky News reporting that a woman had been assaulted by a Cabinet minister while another was groped by a senior adviser No 10.

Mr Sunak and Ms Truss delivered their final leadership talks to Conservative members at a leadership talk in London on Wednesday, with the debate dominated by the rising cost of living.

    (PA wire)

(PA wire)

Frontrunner Ms Truss claimed there would be no new taxes or energy rationing if she became prime minister and dropped further references to cost-of-living support this winter.

“I will also provide immediate support to ensure people are not faced with prohibitive fuel bills. I’ll be robust in my approach,” she said.

“But it’s not right to announce my whole plan before I’ve even gained the lead and got my feet under the table.”

Mr. Sunak has tried to present himself as a candidate with a more realistic assessment of how to approach the economy, with tax cuts not expected immediately if he becomes leader.

    (PA wire)

(PA wire)

He told the audience at the final hustings that “we shouldn’t rule anything out” when it comes to energy rationing, previously saying it wasn’t “moral” to leave struggling households without additional support this winter.

The leadership contest has been marked by infighting among Conservative MPs, with blue-on-blue attacks lasting into recent days.

On Thursday, Conservative former minister Michael Gove, who supports Mr Sunak, called his rival Mrs Truss’ promise not to introduce new taxes “foolish”.

But a former Tory chief whip said it was still possible for the party to reunite post-contest without harm.

    (PA wire)

(PA wire)

Forest of Dean MP Mark Harper said: “Whoever wins this and is elected leader on Monday must act in a way that brings the party back together.

“That means doing what both candidates said, which is to appoint a cabinet from across the party, all the talented people in the Conservative Party.”

Although voting ends on Friday, the result will not be announced until Monday.

Mr Johnson and his successor will then go to Balmoral instead of Buckingham Palace to appoint the new Prime Minister, in a break with tradition.

The Queen will receive Mr Johnson at her home in Aberdeenshire on Tuesday September 6, where he will formally hand in his resignation.

This is followed by an audience with the new Tory leader, where he or she is invited to form a government.

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