New movies and TV in September 2022

Girl in the Box, Unplugging and American Gigolo are traveling to Paramount+ UK in September 2022.  (Paramount)

girl in the box, Unplug and American gigolo are traveling to Paramount+ UK in September 2022. (Paramount)

The chilling true story of Colleen Stan is the focus of two of the big releases on Paramount+ UK this month, with a fictional film about the case – entitled girl in the box – accompanied by a two-part documentary about the harrowing real-life events.

Elsewhere, Jon Bernthal follows in Richard Gere’s footsteps for a revised version American gigolo and Eva Longoria leads the cast of the couples-in-crisis romcom Unplug.

There’s also Jonathan Rhys Meyer’s Thriller The Survivorwhich takes place in a pretty grim version of a post-COVID world.

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Here’s everything we know headed to Paramount+ UK in September…

New films are coming to Paramount+ UK in September 2022

The Survivor (September 2nd)

While those of us in the real world are very thankful for the arrival of the various COVID-19 vaccines, the characters in the thriller are The Survivor didn’t have the same success. The film unfolds in a world completely torn apart by the Delta variant – which went into production in late 2020 – and follows an FBI agent (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) as he tries to kill a young girl with possible immunity to the disease hunters to protect from the pursue them.

The actor who plays the leader of the hunters? Oscar nominee and Hollywood legend John Malkovich.

Unplug (16th September)

In this romcom, Eva Longoria and Matt Walsh play a couple who believe that escaping phone signals and social media could be the answer to their troubles. Needless to say, things aren’t quite going according to plan for the pair, but this raises the possibility that turmoil could bring them closer. The cast also includes Keith David and Back to the Future Star Lea Thompson.

girl in the box (September 19th)

A harrowing real-life story is at the heart of true crime drama Girl in the Box.  (parent)

A harrowing real-life story takes center stage in this true crime drama girl in the box. (parent)

In 1977, Colleen Stan got into the wrong car while hitchhiking and was subsequently imprisoned and subjected to horrific torture for several years. Addison Timlin plays Stan in this feature-length dramatization of one of America’s most shocking crimes, starring Zane Holtz and Zelda Williams as the couple behind their imprisonment.

Considering that this case also inspired the infamous 2007 horror The Poughkeepsie Tapesit’s fair to say viewers are in for a dark ride.

New TV shows are coming to Paramount+ UK in September 2022

dear rats (Episode 1-4 on September 1st)

The documentary series Love Rats follows dating scam victims and tells how they were exploited and tricked.  (parent)

documentary series dear rats shows victims of dating scams and tells how they were taken advantage of and tricked. (parent)

The world of modern dating offers fertile ground for scammers and scammers, as anyone who’s watched this year’s Netflix documentary does The Tinder scammer will know well. This documentary series examines the stories of victims who have been exploited by those who offered them the prospect of love, including online scammers, bigamists and catfish.

10 errors: 9/11 (5th September)

This documentary special delves deep into declassified documents and official accounts to assess the errors made around 9/11, including miscalculations that led to more deaths after the planes hit the World Trade Center.

son of a Kritch (available as a box set from September 7th)

This comedy series is based on the childhood memories of Canadian comedian Mark Critch, who also plays his own father in the series. It tells the story of a precocious 11-year-old growing up in Newfoundland and learning how to use comedy to connect with peers.

American gigolo (weekly from September 10th)

Paul Schrader’s 1980 film American gigolo is reimagined here as a television series, with Jon Bernthal slipping into the role of Richard Gere. He plays a man struggling to navigate the sex industry while trying to find out who framed him for murder 15 years ago.

The show was originally developed by Ray Donovan showrunner David Hollander, but he left the show mid-production due to allegations of on-set misconduct.

Every day (September 10)

Released to commemorate Suicide Awareness Day, this 60-minute special delves into the lives and struggles of several young people who have had thoughts of suicide or attempted suicide. The aim is to paint a portrait of the complex mental health problems faced by modern teenagers.

bitch (available as a boxset from September 14th)

Jake Johnson and Ophelia Lovibond star in the comedy series Minx.  (parent)

Jake Johnson and Ophelia Lovibond are the stars of comedy series bitch. (parent)

Ophelia Lovibond plays a feminist writer in 1970s LA who teams up with Jake Johnson’s low-end publishing company to create a women’s erotic magazine featuring a nude male centerfold.

All 10 episodes of the 30-minute comedy will appear as a box set.

Girl in the Box: The True Story (available as a boxset from September 19th)

This two-part documentary about the true horrors perpetrated against Colleen Stan debuts alongside the aforementioned fictionalized narrative of the crimes.

wild river (weekly from September 22nd)

A young girl's violent past makes her the number one suspect in a murder case in the thriller series Savage River.  (parent)

A young girl’s violent past makes her suspect the number one murder suspect in a thriller series wild river. (parent)

knife out and dear simon Star Katherine Langford leads the cast in this Australian thriller series as a city is rocked by a murder. Langford’s character, Miki, recently returned to town after nearly a decade in prison and is immediately considered the prime suspect in the new crime. She, of course, begins investigating the crime to prove her innocence.

Billionaire Holiday Home Swap (available as a box set from September 25th)

Imagine being so rich that you get bored of a luxury home. That’s the premise at the heart of this six-part documentary series, which follows a club of wealthy people living in each other’s houses. Together, the members of the group have a property empire worth around $25bn (£21bn).

Rise of the billionaires (available as a boxset from September 27th)

This four-part series explores the wealth and influence of some of the world’s richest people, who made their fortunes as leaders of the tech companies that power all of our lives. Expect to learn a lot about the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos.

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