Jared Kushner: The right-hand man of one of history’s most controversial presidents in that FBI raid, life in the Oval Office

Jared Kushner really doesn’t like the media.

A tall, handsome, dapper New Jersey real estate king who learned the hard blows of life when his father was jailed for witness tampering spoke to Sky News for an exclusive UK interview to discuss his new memoir.

He is probably better known on the world stage as the son-in-law of the most controversial US President in modern history.

Mr. Kushner married Ivanka Trump in 2009 and they had three children – Arabella, Joseph and Theodore.

Reflecting on their life together, he recalls how Donald Trump spoiled his surprise proposal to Ivanka by telling his daughter that Mr. Kushner would pop the question.

Mr. Kushner learned early on that Mr. Trump struggles to keep a secret and did not share his West Wing diagnosis of thyroid cancer in 2019.

Sitting face-to-face in a swanky suite at the Ritz-Carlton in Miami Beach this week, I sensed that he’s a little vulnerable, maybe he’s had a second round of treatment for thyroid cancer, according to newspaper speculation. He confirmed to Sky News that he had undergone another procedure but is now recovering well.

Mr. Kushner’s face softens as he talks about his wife and their children, one of whom recited poetry in Mandarin for the Chinese president during Xi Jinping’s visit to Mar-a-Lago in 2017.

Mr Trump’s Florida home is making headlines again this month FBI agents reveal more about documents found in historic palace raid. They turned out to be top secret, according to agents who needed special clearance to even see them.

Mr. Kushner is very sensitive to the issue and simply describes the files as “paperwork”. He is deeply loyal to his father-in-law and is very quick to repeatedly criticize media coverage on a whole range of issues including the Mar-a-Lago raid, the 2020 election result – was it stolen; the January 6 riots – what real danger was the vice president in? and also his relationship with the de facto leader of Saudi Arabia.

I countered that the media aren’t always the bad guys. “Sometimes you deserve it,” he says, “and sometimes maybe you don’t.”

However, whenever the subject of his family is brought up, Mr. Kushner brings the charm.

I wondered if his children realized that their grandfather had been the leader of the free world? They knew he had a large stash of chocolate in the Oval Office, he reveals.

Mr. Kushner was also happy to share how much the kids love his special fluffy breakfast pancakes recipe: Whip it up pretty good and add chocolate sprinkles.

As we wrapped up the interview and stepped onto the balcony, Mr. Kushner marveled at the spectacular view of the coast from the suite. He pointed to his downtown office and pointed to his home in Miami, where the family had moved after the 2020 election defeat.

“I know he’s obviously thinking about it,” he replied, adding, “I said (to him), you know, it’s difficult.”

But despite my best efforts, Mr. Kushner refused to go any further.

After my allotted half hour, Mr. Kushner shook my hand firmly before walking to the door.

The former senior White House adviser is in the midst of a whirlwind round of interviews for mostly right-wing media to promote his memoir, Breaking History.

• You can watch my full interview on all Sky News platforms.

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