“I Came By” cast reveal the London feel of the Netflix thriller

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The cast of the new Netflix film I came over have shown that shooting such an ambitious film entirely in London – where they both grew up – was “magic”.

Directed by under the shadow From filmmaker Babak Anvari, the film follows two graffiti artists (George MacKay and Percelle Ascott) as they enter the orbit of Hugh Bonneville’s retired judge – a man hiding a dark secret.

Ascott, whose previous credits include Doctor Who and pewter starsaid that for him, filming on familiar streets added an extra level of excitement and intensity to the project.

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“It was quite magical for me because we’re filming in places where I grew up,” the star told Yahoo Entertainment UK.

Percelle Ascott as Jay and George MacKay as Toby in I Came By.  (netflix)

Percelle Ascott as Jay and George MacKay as Toby in I came over. (netflix)

He added, “There was a certain place where my grandfather went to school, so it was just nice to have that filming experience your London.

“We’ve been talking about where these guys came from and found this London and really talked about the kind of graffiti background and all the kinds of choices these characters are basically making.”

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Ascott and MacKay play politically motivated graffiti artists who break into the homes of wealthy Londoners and scrawl the title phrase on their walls in protest of inequality.

MacKay said that I came overThe depiction of the British capital – which highlights the difference between the rich and those without the same privileges – “feels like the London we know” who lived there.

Percelle Ascott and George MacKay both grew up in London and loved shooting

Percelle Ascott and George MacKay both grew up in London and loved film I came over in neighborhoods they already knew well. (netflix)

“You get a few postcard moments, but it’s not all the London Eye and Big Ben. It feels very grounded in the London we know,” he said.

MacKay added, “That’s what the film looks at. He’s so multidimensional in terms of all the social aspects of it.

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“London seems like the perfect setting because we all live on top of each other and are intertwined. This melting pot is especially true for this city.”

The boys’ graffiti crusade takes a dark turn when MacKay breaks into the home of Bonneville’s character – a respected judge with a history of helping refugees – only to be stunned by what he discovers.

Babak Anvari directs Hugh Bonneville on the London set of I Came By.  (netflix)

Babak Anvari directs Hugh Bonneville on the London set of I came over. (netflix)

This is the first of director Anvari’s films to be shot in London, although the city is the filmmaker’s home and he originally came up with the idea 20 years ago – expecting it to be his first feature film.

“It’s the first time I’ve actually shot in London, which is my home – and it felt great. I want to do everything in London if I can,” said Anvari.

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The director added, “It’s a Hitchcockian neo-noir film. Hitchcock hails from Britain, but these types of films are rarely made here.

“Americans are really good at it. Even the French do it very well. So why not just take inspiration from the master and make this kind of film here in London?

Percelle Ascott's character Jay helps uncover something terrible in I Came By.  (netflix)

Percelle Ascott’s character Jay helps uncover something terrible I came over. (netflix)

“London as a city lends itself perfectly to a neo-noir film. It’s pretty much like a character in history, you know.

“It feels good. I felt good after wrapping up, going home and sleeping in my own bed.”

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The cast of the film includes exercise of duty Star Kelly Macdonald as MacKay’s character’s mother, as well as Yazdan Qafouri, who plays an Iranian refugee who works as a massage therapist.

I came over is now in UK cinemas ahead of its Netflix debut on August 26th.

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